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Would you like to try a telephone coaching program for weight loss?

Join the Weight Loss, Nutrition, Exercise Study (WeLNES), which compares two telephone programs for adults.

This is a 2 year-long study. If you sign up, you will get 25 calls with a personal coach to guide you in learning skills to change how you eat and exercise, over the course of the first year. And in the second year, you'll get 9 check-in calls to continue your support.

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WeLNES is a research study conducted by scientists at Seattle's Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

We will provide you with a scale and a physical activity tracker. You will be stepping on the scale once a week so we can track your progress together. The scale requires a Bluetooth connection. You will be tracking the calories of everything you eat and drink in an app each day. You will be wearing the physical activity tracker each day to track your steps.

You could be a good fit for this study if you are open to trying something new, you’re ready for change, and you’re available to complete the calls.

You will get paid up to $40 for each of 3 surveys and weighings that you complete (for a total of up to $120) that will come over the course of the study.

Join now to:

  • Get expert guidance, support, accountability, and encouragement as you reach for your goals
  • Get a Fitbit Inspire physical activity tracker and Fitbit Aria Air scale
  • Help not only yourself, but others by contributing to important research on what helps people lose weight
  • Be paid up to $120 for filling out follow-up surveys and successfully transmitting your weight from the scale when you take the surveys at 6, 12, and 24 months

The WeLNES program gives you easy, personalized access to trained coaches who will support you toward healthy weight loss throughout the course of two years.

The coaching calls in the first year will be:

  • once every week for the first 16 weeks (4 months, for calls #1-16), then
  • once every other week for the next 14 weeks (3 months, calls #17-23), then
  • once a month for the last 2 months (calls #24-25).

The check in calls in the second year will be:

  • once a month for the first 6 months (calls #1-6), and then
  • once every other month for the last 6 months (calls #7-9).

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Email us: WeLNES@fredhutch.org
Visit us: research.fhcrc.org/behavioral-health/en.html

"The information that is presented is really valuable to improve wellness and lose weight, and the coaching is exceptional."


"The information that is presented is really valuable to improve wellness and lose weight, and the coaching is exceptional."